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Tea Infusion Bag

Tea Infusion Bag

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No more bitter iced tea!! 

If you love Cold Brew or Sun Tea, our Tea Infusion bag is for you! This reusable BPA free Nylon Mesh Tea Infusion Bag is perfect for Cold Brew Tea and Coffee, and because your never introduce heat with cold brewed beverages, those tannins stay locked in those leaves where they belong, resulting in a perfectly smooth Iced beverage! One bag can make 1-5 gallons of tea or coffee at a time. 

Simply fill the Tea Infusion Bag with 1oz of loose leaves for every gallon of room temperature or cold water. Tie the bag tightly, place it in your pitcher of water, and place your soon-to-be tea in the refrigerator overnight. Remove the Tea Infusion bag and you've got a fantastically smooth batch of iced tea ready to enjoy!

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